Oh boy, the last two weeks have been intense! I have been working non-stop and I’ve barely had time to breathe! But I’m finally finding myself sitting down in front of my laptop, and I’m here to tell you all about the best Sunday I’ve had in ages!

Now let’s state that I’m not usually the type of person that does proper restaurants; I tend to feel really uncomfortable and awkward so when I made plans to be a guest at the at the amazing London Steakhouse co. I was both excited and terrified; I had a hint, tho, that the food was going to be to die for — I mean, have you seen their instagram feed?! — but I was afraid my anxiety would prevent me to enjoy myself!

Fortunately my friend and I share the same feelings towards fancy places so I wan’t alone in my discomfort. The run up to the date was pretty rumbled too, especially when we got out of the tube in Liverpool street to discover rain coming down in buckets! Luckily their City restaurant is not even 5 minutes away in walk from the station, so after a quick run we found ourself in site without being drenched from head to toe!

The gloomy tone of the day changed the second we opened the door. Every single person that we came across made us feel welcome and at ease, we were exactly where we were suppose to be and everything was at our disposal…

The place is gorgeous and the reception we had made us feel like royalty. A quick glance around us confirmed that that was a feeling shared by every by the paying patrons of the restaurant! Everybody was enjoying themselves and practically everyone was wearing a serene expression on their face. At that point, seeing other people plates being brought in, our mouth were watering— we were dying to try the food!

If you haven’t noticed yet I will tell you that I’m not a fancy person, I’m the type of girl that asks for ” A cider” at the pub, having no idea about the difference in any of the brands; so the menu was Ancient Greek to me. But our waitress was wonderful and came to our help, not only explaining the various types of meat cuts, but also suggesting her favourites and – for me – a dairy free option for anything on the menu!

We loved every single dish, from the entree to the dessert – including the amazing wine that was chosen from us by our waitress and the steak with chips – but I have to admit that my favourite dish was the ribs my friend ordered as an entree, and I’ll forever regret not having chosen that for myself! ( To be honest, the salmon I had was the best I’ve ever tasted, so I can’t really complain.)

The only thing I’m picky about and I’ll blame it on being Italian – and particularly from Tuscany – is the cooking of the steak: I like my meat medium rare, as rare as you can go without letting it ooze blood, and I usually find myself having to send back my dish more than once to get it right and avoid eating a practically raw steak; well not this time! The chef at the London Steakhouse company cooked a magnificent steak, no other words can describe it but perfect. Pink, tender and juicy, yet firm and with no blood in sight.

In general I kind of want to go back in time and do it all again. I’ve had so much fun tasting amazing flavours and getting out of my comfort zone in living this amazing experienece that it’s eating at the London Steakhouse Co.

And you? Have you ever eaten here? This is definitely my new favourite restaurant in London, why don’t you tell me which one is yours?!

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