[to buy] KEEP CUPS

Last month the company I work for decided to get rid of plastic straws and introduce a more eco-friendly solution: the cardboard straws.

Personally I’m not a fan, they leave me with a weird taste in my mouth. I see, however the need for change but does it necessarily have to be cardboard? How can I get rid of the most plastic with the least effort? And the problem is not only straws, is it?

Knowing me the solution needed to be something cute, picture friendly and also easy to carry around. So I started researching what I could substitute in a cheap but efficient way: tupperware, cutlery, metal straws, water bottle… is that all? No, not at all! It’s just the tip of the iceberg! So what’s the most wasted item right after straws? Well, apparently, coffee cups.

While looking around on the internet i stumbled upon this article that stated that coffee cups – yeah, those adorable Starbucks/Costa/Whatever-you-like with cute logos and seasonal artwork – are almost impossible to recycle and/or destroy causing an astonishing number of waste that we will be stuck with forever.

That started my journey in finding the best travel mug I could find on the market. Cutlery and tupperware were easy to find ( Aliexpress is my friend.), the bottle just needed to be spill free so they could be thrown in my backpack, but the mug was going to have to be perfect. I needed a mug that was instagram friendly, that could take the usual drink sizes and that was easy to wash, and easy to hold while going out and about.

I decided on the KeepCup and I couldn’t be happier! There is such a variety of shape, colour and form! You can find them Star Wars Themed, in plastic or glass, with silicon or cork handle, neutral colour or pop contrasts! All you have to do is choose one and fall in love with it! Plus if after a while you decide that you need a change you can always order single parts on the original site and replace them! ( Which is what I did straight away, I’m such a forever-indecisive person)

MyKeepCup is a medium one. It’s 12oz and it hold a Tall drink from Starbucks, it’s super easy to clean and to carry around – the shape and cork handle are a dream to hold on to! It’s also almost impossible for you to burn yourself with this cup, which is the best for a clumsy person like me!

The only cons, in choosing a cork handle is that you can’t put the mug in the microwave, but I guess we all agree that we can sacrifice something in order to have this beauty!

Since I’ve started using this mug I saved on so many reusable cups and I feel quite proud of myself! And if you guys weren’t sold on the KeepCup yet, know that they cost less than £20 and that the majority of coffee chains will give you a discount if you bring your own mug!

Seems like there is really nothing stopping you to invest in a KeepCup, So let me know what you chose and, if you already have one, what’s your style!

This post is not sponsored by KeepCup, i’m just in love.

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