[20-05-2018 ]— 5 things under 20 £!

Hello chaotic people! This month I Thought I’d bring you some of my favorites so that you could do some budget shopping!

The under 20 on the 20th is a new column that will take place on this blog! Each month on the 20th I’m going to share with you some favorites, and – since I’m very innovative ( #sarcasm) – the number of items will correspond at the number of the month (so 5 items this month, 6 the next and so on); this might be clothes or bags as well as make up, books or accessories that I’ve enjoyed or coveted during the month ! Have fun!


1) The first item on this list is also the only one that is in my possession at the moment and it’s currently my favorite T-shirt! ( you can see me wearing it here) I love it, it looks amazing on and it doesn’t make me feel choked or trapped like other t-shirts do – damn boobs!! -. Its classy and playful at the same time and gives me such strong Dior vibes… I just love it!

2) This cross hatch pinafore dress from New Look is perfection, I love how playful it is and how it can easily be layered making it perfect for an english summer when one day it’s 30 degrees and the next doesn’t grasp 10! Costs only 16£ and will be a warm fixture in your wardrobe, I promise!

3) This Cami is still from New Look, and I swear I’ve not been payd for it, I Just went in their shop the other day and I felt in love with way too many pieces! And how could I not? Isn’t this set the cutest? I love the materials, the design, how fresh it looks… I simply want it for myself— badly.


3) Summer is approaching and Miss Chaotic (moi) is going to Italy for a fortnight! Nothing exciting, I’m just going home, but it will entail me hitting the beach pretty regularly! This summer will be the first in a long time that I’m going to just enjoy being myself, no covering up! simply, unapologetically me! So, I’ve decided that I will need new bathing suit to die for, this is the one that I’ve ordered so far, It’s from SheIn and it’s 10.99£ I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say much more, but I will I promise!

4) No summer / spring that wants to be called as such can be lived without longing for romance so when faced with the possibility of bringing only one physical book with me on holiday i needed to choose one that I won’t finish in the time it takes me to set foot in Italy ( like it happened the past two times… guilty ^^”). So this time I thought I would give this book a try and restrain myself reading one short story a day! It won’t cover the entire trip, but it’s still enough to justify the space it’ll take in my carry on!

Shop the post:

(Floral print halter bikini set, 10.99,  SheIn;
Meet cute – various authors, 9.94, Book Depository;
Heart ringer t- shirt, 12.99£, New Look;
Cross Hatch Pinnafore dress, 16.09 , New Look;
Soraya Curve floral print cami, 14.99, New Look.)

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