Lagom – Not too much, not too little, just the right amount.

Hullos! Since I seem to enjoy this little columns here is an other for you guys!
Lagom   is going to be a bit of a general post, a mix of things that made my week or last period and things I’m grateful for, rants and everything that comes to mind.

It’s going to be unbetaed (?) So forgive my grammar mistakes. English is not
my first language, I will do my best but I wanted this posts to be really just a
brain dump. Regardless, if you spot some major mistakes or weird phrasing
let me know so I can fix it.
Anyway,  Let’s start, shall we?


The first thing that helped me was choccolate. Ombar choccolate to be precise! When I had to stop milk I thought that was the last I would see of choccolate but, boy, I was so wrong! A lovely person here at work gave me a pack of choccolate buttons and I lost my mind, I looked up all the flavours and I hit my local Whole food: I can now positively say that I’m absolutely obsessed. Mandarin, green tea and lemon, and vanilla and coconut filling are my favorites for sure.


Secondly my Chilly’s bottles arrived and I had the entire week to tried it! You probably read all this in my previous post but, even though I have slightly mixed feelings about it and I’m yet not finding myself drinking a lot more water ( as I did when i got the New Look bottle), I find it so pretty that It’s a joy to carry around and to drink from.


Third: Books & Bookstagram! I’m out of my reading slump and my creativity is peaking! I caught up with The Rivers of London series and I finally feel Like I’m on a roll and I can actually manage to read the 75 books I promised myself I would read this year!
Bookstagram is also an other big accomplishment for me, My first go at it was dramatic, I was all in the wrong place and soon it caught up to me, This time I just decided to be me, to mix it with my everyday instagram that I restarted few days ago and I’m feeling the support of the community and I got to talk to some amazing people, I’s insane, I’m loving instagram at the moment! ( Yes, even with the algorithm)


And last but not least to family and friends that have been with me and supported (, and suffered) me through this week, my mental health and health in general hasn’t been great and they have all been there for me in their own special and unique way, I’m grateful to every one and each of you, and if you are reading this you know who you are and you know you are ad will always be the best part of each week.

That’s all for this week! Feel free to comment with your opinion
or with things that made your week worth your while! x
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