Match made in Manhattan — a Chaotic review

and bitter rants.

S y n o p s y s

After two intense, dead-end relationships, serial monogamist Alison finds herself confused, lonely, and drastically out of touch with the world of modern dating. Refusing to wallow, she signs up for a popular dating app and resolves to remain open-minded and optimistic as she explores the New York City singles’ scene. With the click of a button, her adventures begin: On one date, she’s dumped before the first kiss; on another, she dons full HAZMAT gear; she meets a tattooed folk singer turned investment banker, an undercover agent who tracks illegal exotic animals, and dozens of other colorful, captivating personalities.

Giving them each her signature “pants speech”–her pants aren’t coming off unless she has a real connection with someone–she desperately wants to push past the awkward small-talk phase to find true love, but finding “the one” is starting to feel impossible. That is, until she meets Luke, who is sophisticated, funny, and not to mention, hot. Alison finds herself falling for Luke harder than any guy she’s dated and finally letting her walls down, but will he stick around or move on to his next match?

Match Made in Manhattan is a fast-paced, contemporary story about the struggles of dating in the digital age. Replete with online profiles, witty dialogue, and a super-supportive group of female friends, this all-too-real and relatable debut novel will have readers laughing, crying, and rooting for Alison all the way to the end. ( SPOILER: no, you don’t)

R e v i e w:

When I read the synopsis of this book I felt in Love.I couldn’t wait to put my hands on ” Match made in Manhattan”, I looked for that book everywhere; at the end I had to order it online because it’s impossible to find in england. The wait was agony, I wanted to read it and like it so badly, I could see myself in Alison: single at 27, in a big city, with few but amazing friends, and a need for a more profound connection with someone in order to lose your pants. Sex is not all, and I, as Allison, want to find someone who likes me for me, not for my abilities in bed( and I might have performed my fair share of pants speech in my online dating life ).

But then the book came and I couldn’t wait but to look for every possible difference between me and that woman. Because, you see, Alison is a damn hard character to like!  She’s mediocre at best, beige as they come,  and with a morality compass that goes against even herself.  She’s so not attuned with her heart that she doesn’t even know where she left it at! Everyone constantly reminds her that she’s different, special, that she’s ”not like the other girls, she’s classier ”( cit.) No she Isn’t?! She’s a tease, that’s all… Not having sex doesn’t make you classier, doesn’t mean you have more respect for yourself and speaking is someone who has never had a one night stand! At a certain point she’s with a guy for ages and they keep having sleep over for months then she’s surprised when he calls her out of the blue to break up with her. Let me get this straight, I’m not shaming her for not wanting to have sex, she might not be sexual and in general consent is important and one should be 100% comfortable with it, but she is! She makes this poor guy get tested she has no “red flags” in her mind, she’s all for it but—- meh, nah, we need to wait more because random not grounded reason. Again that would be all OK and fine, and I too need a deeper connection, but you want someone to respect your times, you should also respect that the person you are with might be way more sexual than you are and don’t tease the hell out of him!
Anyway, moving forward because this review is already waaaay too long, This book is so repetitive it makes you want to jump chapters without even reading the title; at a certain point is even kind of confusing who she’s dating and there is some dialogues in which  you need to do a  double take to understand  who’s who. In general every dates goes the same way, every dialogue goes the same way and you have an entire year of them.     All in all I could have been ok with all this if the end would have given me  a joy ( an happy-ish ending) or  even a feminist take or a faithful one, but the two-pages-end left me joyless and meh, asking myself why I wasted so many hours of my life reading that book.

That said this book does have some good perks, the writing is good and the female characters that surrounds Alison are strong and likeable, I even like her bitch-y boss… If the writer would write a sequel book on her friends, get rid of some tropes, and curate the end better, I would probably read it.

C o n c l u s i o  n s

There is a lot of little stuff that I still want to say: I wanted this book to be soooo much more and I was so disappointed that it didn’t deliver and maybe that’s why I’m so harsh on this.  It is an ok book, it’s readable and it’ll make you smile and if you have ever tried internet dating you will probably end up recognising one of her matches as one of yours. It’s also Amanda Stauffer’s first novel so let’s cut her some slack, because I do see potential there, but at the end,  for me, this book was as beige as the protagonist.

2.3 / 5  ★ shelved.

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