On books, movies and how to enjoy both.


” The book was better”

How many time have you said this words? How many times you got lost in a world made out of pages and ink and got out of it different, changed, filled with friends, scenery, crushes ( I’m looking at you Mr Darcy 🙂 ) and dreaded the shattering of every fantasy you made in favour of some director or group of creatives view? Let’s face it, the beauty of a brand new book is the appropriation, the customization that every and each reader brings to it, the control over details that imagination will provide, seeing those stripped away from you feels like you’ve been robbed of your own point of view and, comprehensively it is disappointing.

My love for books always clashes with my love for movies, I can’t discern one from the other and I hate being bias, So I found a way to enjoy both sacrificing, unconsciously only a bit of it all.

Watching the movie and then reading the books seems almost blasphemy, but you can think of it as deepening, Books and movies can be  complementary if you view the book the answer and solution to that itch that you get after a really good book that makes you say ” i want more of the same” And then you can start personalizing, losing yourself in the book and yes, you’ll lose a bit of that personalization that makes reading so special but you can still apply it and, i guarantee, time after time you’ll find it easier and easier to imagine more and more details and you will be able to enjoy both stories at the same way.

What about you? What’s your take on the book vs movie debate? What are your ways of enjoy both?


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