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Returning home from deployment in Afghanistan, Will has to come to terms with lung damage, one blind eye, and going back to a life that’s not quite the same anymore.

So does Alex, his partner.

When Marén Klement asked if anyone wanted to review her book I volunteered without really knowing what  was getting myself into. To be honest I was just looking forward to discover something new and get away from this big lists and big names that populates my TBR ( don’t get me wrong, I love all of them, I just realised plans and lists gives me anxiety and I actually can’t follow any of them), I was looking forward to read something I had no really any idea about, no other opinions heard on it or else and I was in for a treat.  The synopsis seemed interesting, if brief, and the idea of a character study intrigued me so I asked the author If she’ll entrust me with her work and she was so kind to send me a copy.

I was never too keen on books that verge too much on reality, Other people problems never really inspired me, my motto was ” I’ve got enough problems of my own to want to read about other people’s like they were mine”.  I mean, I’ve got anxiety, but I’m really glad I didn’t let it stop me from reading this book!

Deep breath, start, finish. I was done in a day, it took me a week to recover.


Ok, let’s face it, it’s not an extremely long book but it still took me a few hours to read it and it made me tear up at least twice. It’s a good book, a strong slice of life book about this man who’s saw his dream job torn away from him, a man who signed for danger, a man with a cause who say himself stripped off of his purpose and believes other than his health. But it’s also a book about an History teacher, who’s in Love– so in love with a man who’s coming back to him broken, and it’s tiptoeing around the love of his life  trying to find their new normality. It’s a book about the best friendship group that  anyone could ever have ( seriously, I want their friends to be my friends) And family members that knows when space is needed even if it goes against their needs. Symptoms and reactions that seams logical but that actually hide a way more depth meaning, of someone realising they need help and that wars, any type of war is not meant to be fought alone.

c o n c l u s i o n s

At the end I really liked it, I just wish There was more, not to it, the book per se feel wholesome and you don’t feel like the author missed any point nor left back any character but to story, because You close this book and you want a prequel, a sequel and a ” 19 year later” Kind of chapter.  You want to know more about their lives, you want a sense of closure that this book doesn’t really give. It’s not a bad thing,  believe me, but it’s not a clif hunger, it’s not an open ending, you can’t wait for more, you’re craving for knowledge but you know it’ll not arrive. ( or maybe yes? Pleaaaaase Marén, we need more!). Anyway I’m just very picky about my endings, if you have read my previous reviews, you’ll know and I’m rarely satisfied with one.

4 / 5  ★ would read again.



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