BLOGMAS #4 · A Monday in the life ;; An afternoon with Ben Aaronovitch!

*Sips tea*
Oh boy

Bear with me guys, I’m running on less than 4 hours of sleep… why? Not a clue. I just know that I woke up because my foot was aching like hell, so… yeah, Tuesday! My brain is not properly awake yet but I feel like if I don’t put what happened yesterday on a digital piece of paper it didn’t happen and, boy, I loved it!

Now, if you have ever interacted with me, even for five seconds, you will know how obsessed I am with the Rivers of London series, they have even topped ( Yes, I’m about to say it) Harry Potter for me and I was simply dying to meet Ben Aaronovitch.

I’ve never done a book signing event or similar, mainly because working evenings I tend to not be able to attend them, but also because I only actively joined bookstagram on October ( Yes I’ve been active since April but I wasn’t really active) and before I’ve never been in the loop deep enough to know when and where those events take place!
So when Lies sleeping came out I had a look at Ben Aaronovitch’s tour date and, knowing I needed the holiday for my mom’s visit in December, I realised I wouldn’t have been able to attend since his London date was on a Saturday!

img_3168I have to admit, I was a bit heartbroken, but I pre-ordered the signed copy and made do, that is until my mother broke the news to me that she wasn’t going to come and I was now left with 10.5 days of holiday that I had no need for, until twitter came to my rescue. I was scrolling through my feed when I saw Ben Retweeted this link to an event in the Charing cross library, ” An evening with Ben Aaronovitch” Hell yeah! I spent the next morning at the phone with Charing cross trying to get through to book tickets and then, when I finally made it, I went to book holidays and managed to have the Monday off, just to go and see my favourite author, no biggies!

Did I mention that I’m extremely awkward? We got into this room ( We being Marta and me) ( yes she was on a couple of days holiday here in London) and He was sitting right at the back, I could’ve said hi, but nope! Pretended he wasn’t there because he was minding his business like this wasn’t his event and he wasn’t probably expecting to be approached, Jess! And that kind of followed me through, I didn’t ask any questions because I was feeling like mine wasn’t as clever ( and to be fair I was fearing that nervousness would have jammed my way of constructing phrases in English), but I had an amazing time. That man knows how to please a crowd, introvert or not! Even my friend who doesn’t read his books was charmed! And even managed to have a picture and have his first book and my book-sleeve signed!

” what’s your name?”
” Jess”
“J e s s ?”
“Yeah that will do”
” you can tell me your name if it’s not that – eh!”
” No, I mean, It’s Jessica but only my mother when she’s mad calls me that!”

* facepalm* can anyone be this awkward and actually survive?! 

Anyway, It went amazingly, I had a blast and I met three amazing girls that I can’t wait to get to know better. I think I’ll try to attend more event like this, especially the ones with smaller crowds, you just find out so much about the author’s process and their motives and/or hopes for the future of their books and other projects they might be working on, and  It’s just so eye-opening and fun! Yeah, this is an experience I definitely want to do again and, who knows, maybe for the next book tour I’ll be confident enough to not make a complete fool of myself in front of Ben Aaronovitch!!

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