BLOGMAS #6 – A very Christmassy Tbr

Sooo! Since the  last TBR post was so popular and since I had promised you guys a Christmassy one, here I am to deliver! This is the list of Christmas books I have started early November and that I still am filling; it’s mainly composed of two types of books: those that I have already managed to read  (mainly because they were given to me on Netgallery), and those that I have yet to read but I am really looking forward to and I will read as soon as this hectic of a schedule will calm down. Lately I’ve been super busy and so active, It’s a new feeling, but I’m not complaining! It just leaves less time to read… Anyway, let’s get to it!

Snowy nights at the lonely heart hotel.

51h1b42bdrqlI’ve already used an entire blog post raving about this book, It’s sweet, cozy and lovely, if you are a fan of the “ family makes Christmas” trope, this is the book for you! It’s funny,  full of inclusion and positivity, and Just a generally easy read to ease you into the season.



A Christmas Date:

4997e9c02a412e518c438d57511f30e4a9f4a4d1This book was… childish, but easy, it’s well written but Not exactly deep. It’s petty and bratty, but it’s also funny and quick, it’s a book that I will suggest if you are desperate to fill your time while on the train home or between a good read and an other, It’ll take you less than a couple of hours to read it and It’ll make you enjoy life away from family during the holidays. The plot is pretty easy, the protagonist hires a professional to pretend to be his boyfriend at a family gathering, the actual book has more to it than that, the characters are incredibly petty and childish but Santa  will do its magic, doesn’t he always do?

Christmas at Log fire cabin:

517pnu7lzslNow, this is one of the books that are on my TBR, I saw it from my friend Steph (@thebookishrose_) and I must have it, I’m just waiting for amazon to restock it!
This is so classically Hallmark story that I’m wondering how it’s not a movie yet.
I think This might become my first book of the year, since I always start with a romance!  The plot: Poppy has an ultimatum, well it’s not really an ultimatum but I expect it will feel as such; her boyfriend proposed and he gave her 12 days to give him an answer, twelve days particularly busy, especially with hers and her best friend’s dream at their fingers and the attractive owner of the cabin where they are catering an event! Let’s just say they will need a Christmas miracle to sort out her thoughts and life options!

Murder  under the Christmas, Murder on Christmas Eve and A very Murderous Christmas.

If you are sick and tired of romance book with “ Christmas” In the title and if, like me, you are swamped by extra shifts, family obligation and last-minute gift shopping, I think this books will be for you! This collections of Christmas themed crimes will deliciously make your Christmas a bit more cunning. While mistletoe toe hunts around and you see everyone look longingly at it, you can detect clues from your relative or let the narrative play its magic! 30 short stories, three books, what are you waiting for? If you read one a day and double out on Christmas Eve, Christmas  and Boxing Day you’ll be done by 20019!

For the books I still want to read I’m probably going to wait until January, as I usually do for Christmas books! I usually end up reading them either in November or in January. I know, I’m weird! Anyway, this was all I’ve got! Read loads, be merry and Let me know if you have any more Christmassy books you’d like to suggest!


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