BLOGMAS 7 · Little Pleasures.

Every time December rolls around I end up thinking of what makes me feel right at home; maybe it’s the realization that I’m not going to be able to see my relatives, to put up my tree with my mum or to shout at my brother, but I feel the need of feeling, if not at home, at least cared of and cuddled in the best of way and since I’m doing blogmas, I’ve decided to rant a bit about it.

So, where to start? Something new? A classic? Books? God, I always talk about them, no… something else! How about… candles! Yes! Now, guys, there is nothing more relaxing and alluring than a good candle. When I don’t have mine on my mother goes ” who are you, and what have you done with my daughter!” ( To be fair to her, Growing up I did end up almost burning down the house more than one time… ) What candle tho? Well, I love the relatively cheap one ( I refuse to spend 50+L on a candle), the ones that yes might be a bargain but are of amazing quality! I have to say I’m a sucker for a Yankee candle, but anything with a covered top really goes. I’m also incredibly strict when it comes to candle, I don’t Light them lightly (?), I know it’ll take them hours to level up and liquify up into the container and with that in mind I always time my session with them when I need to write or properly relax late at night. What do I think about tunnelling candles? It’s ok If I paid them less than 2.50 but in general, brrrr. Also a requisite has to be the fact that they should actually feel your room with their smell, not just smell nice in the jar! What smell? Anything but lavender or pineapple! I’m a lover of cinnamon, argan or vanilla, but I’m also been known to be partial to violet and dainty smells? Does that even make sense? You know, the delicate but crispy ones! So, yeah, candles! Oh, by the way, I just discovered a couple of friends of mine have candles shop so I’m going to just drop their links, again, not sponsored, they are just awesome! clicckety click What else…

Skincare! Now, yes, I can’t keep a bloody regime going for the love of me, but I do enjoy taking care of my face! Lately, I’ve purchased the toner – cleansing milk- day cream combo from Garnier the one with Rosewater and I’m loving it! The smell brings back so many childhood memories and I just end up feeling relaxed and warm whenever I use them! Also, they are no parabens, no artificial colourant and no silicones ( Remember, you are not a window!) So yeah… by the way this post is not sponsored, but if Garnier wants to throw products at me I’m not going to say no! Just in case anyone from Garnier is reading, you know! Anyway if you are interested about my full skincare routine Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

What next… Cleaning sheets! Now this is important, this is a books and curves( tm) tradition, every single year I buy myself a set of plush sheets, and I put them on the night before Christmas, They will probably have some Christmassy theme going on and they’ll feel downright amazing, like a hug! Not only they will make you feel less guilty from not leaving the bed the next day, but also they will let you have less FOMO since public transport is down and you can’t move to go spend the day with friends.

Lastly, there is to say that I’m an extremely considerate person. I cherish Halloween up until the first of December, but when I start… oh boy! Christmas music is omnipresent, nonstop blasting blublè can never harm! Also, my mac has the fireplace app that makes sounds and shows the fire as screensaver! Fairy lights are everywhere, I’m jolly, every drink of mine will contain cinnamon and Hallmark will be the go-to channel! I was also going to add the Doctor Who Christmas special to the list, but they moved it and I’m still mourning so… that’s it! Have a nice blogmas!

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