Can you feel it? Can you smell it in the air? It’s that bittersweet taste of an open bar, professionally singed karaoke and a chocolate fountain! It’s the lost promise of not getting shit faced drunk in front of your boss is… THE CHRISTMAS PARTY!

Every year the christmas party it’s a pretty big deal, we make an entire day out of it!  We have a picnic between shows and exchange secret santa’s gifts and, after work, we direct ourself to the location of the christmas party to celebrate Christmas with all the parts of the company. Obviously it’s a pretty big deal, friends get reunited, people you like but never actually have the occasion to speak too will play games together and it’s just lovely! What I always struggle on, tho, is finding a dress for it. This year is not too much of a problem as my wardrobe now consist only in dresses and the occasional skirts, but in the past I’ve always had to buy a dress just for it ( there is no dress coded, I just like to be pretty) and having to find a nice one, on a budget and for my size, is not always easy!

Hence why I now present you the plus size ultimate guide to the christmas party dresses under 25£!


Look, don’t get me wrong, New look has some pretty effed up sizing and their dresses are not exactly thick, but it’s also cheap and almost impossible for anybody not to find something within it ( again, all kinds of weird sizing / proportions) Sure, it might not be what you were looking for! But maybe is the garment you need?

YOURS. truly.

There is to say that if you are looking for a proper gown, cocktail dress or evening one, you need YOURS. I buy my lingerie from them and the occasional frock, they do tend to be slightly more expensive but the material is thick and durable! Three years ago I bought a dress from them and it seems to be an infinite reserve of glitter since it keeps coating all my washing in it and still have plenty on itself!


To say that I don’t trust Shein is an understatement but my current favorite dress is from them, so… In case you wanted to find your christmas party/New Year dress there, be careful of the measurements and know that a 5XL is more or less a size 24.

simply, ASOS

click click click click click

Time sensitive, Asos never disappoint. Their dresses are nice and, most of all, there you can find the ones from Boohoo without having to guess what that size 0 dress would look on your size 24 body.  If you are desperate and in need of a last-minute dress I’d suggest Asos! The ammount of times I’ve ordered three samples of the same dress in different sizes or four different dresses so I could try them on knowing I could Just opt for them to be picked up at my house from the currier and get my money back it’s… well. yeah.

well, that’s in the next post!

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