BLOGMAS 14 –Oh, Secret santa.

Now that you are ready for your christmas party comes the moment to pick your secret santa. A raffle of names and you are now responsable for the happiness of a collegue on the secret santa day.  Are you a lucky person? At the end Secret santa’s always comes down to this; If you know your recipient well or if the person that has your name knows you well you might get something that you like, if they don’t or hate you, you might give and get the perfect gift! And well within budget! But since that’s not always the case and there is nothing worst than an tactless gift card ( unless you know they love books but love to pick them themselves, then a gift card is perfect) I’ve put together a mini list of gifts under 5 and 10 pounds that you can use for your secret santa gift.

This Game of Thrones box contains a mini sward and flag and It’s perfect since it seems that I’m the only person left on the planet that has yet to see/read this saga!

  • The tequila mockingbird kit is a collection of cocktails that are book related and the tools to make them, isn’t it amazing?
  • then we have the basic easy-to-grow boxes: coffee lover, christmas tree and buquet! Perfect for the office!
  • The harry potter fan will be happy with this set of pencil wands that can come useful for every magic duel
  • Last but not least, who doesn’t love a good unicorn?!

The trick with a secret santa around 5£ is to make it funny, adorable and more than that it needs to look expensive, or at least like its good stuff! You can find this gifts and more like this at Waterstones!

If your budget is double you can always give two of those! Alternatively, and if you know your secret santa a bit better you might give this a look….

I really hope this guide was useful! HAPPY BLOGMAS!

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