Blogmas #18 — My chronicle book box :: Unboxing

Attention! box  content spoilers ahead!

img_3931If you have ever talked to me, even for just a second you’ll know that I’m a massive Rivers of London fan. I adore Ben Aaronovitch’s writing, I think his witty and humorous way, his enticing way with details and architecture, his touch with people, cultures, history is just… wow! ( eloquent, right? I know, I should have a blog! ) What I’ve never done ( and probably still won’t do for a while) Is make a blog post about the series. You won’t see a review or anything similar anytime soon. Why? Mainly because these books are too important to me! There is too much to say, too many feelings to convey in a single post and I’m just so sure I won’t make it justice! Also, let’s face it! I rant about this books enough already on Instagram and Twitter, you guys are oughta break! So why am I here talking about it? Well, The amazing Louise from @Mychroniclebookbox kindly sent me their Rivers of London Special Edition and I thought I’d paint you green just a bit with envy!

img_3976The first thing we notice is the gorgeous card with Peter and Toby followed by the gorgeous watercolour of the skylight of London, the Thames’ bookmarks ( 2!!! ) and the Roll with the saga’s landmarks! – I have to admit I struggled quite a while to take that stroll out, but it’s so cute! My most awaited item was the mug! I can never have enough and I don’t own a single enamel mug so, for me, this one is particularly special and not only because It labels me as an apprentice wizard, not at all! The book tote with Toby and The stunning painting of Nightingale were the last items and… Boy, Nightingale… I’ve got such a crush on him it’s insane! Needless to say, his portrait now hangs right on top of the saga, in a place on honour, as it should be! Finally, the box includes a plate signed by Ben Aaronovitch and a copy of Lies Sleeping! The last book of the saga! This box is seriously so stunning! And not just because it’s my favourite series, not even because It’s my first ever book box, but because the care in every detail shows how much the people behind it cares about this project! I’m so honoured to be in possession of such an amazing box! I couldn’t really be happier!

So, are you jealous yet? Green enough to play in Wicked?
Don’t worry! There is still boxes left! Yes! You heard me well!
head to to get your box now!

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