Blogmas #19 — 2019 RESOLUTION


I usually am not one to do resolution; I know full well that when I have some goals to reach I tend to run and do everything but met them, but this year I feel stronger, in some way I can see clearer and I kind of want to set down a set of goals, I’m going to write them, leave them here and pick them up only at the next Blogmas, feel free to do the same in the comment, I will remember you of them next year!

So, let’s start!

  • Post regularly!
    I’ve decided that I’m going to continue to work like Blogmas would just extend to the rest of the year, but only post once or twice a week, see what works better for me, create a sort of routine! Now I know that I can do it, I also know that I will always have slump periods, but if I’m prepared and I am well ahead with my blog posts I can relax and navigate through the slumps without the anxiety and the guilt of not being able to bring you content!
  • Join the gym!
    I’m not doing it to lose weight, I’m doing it to be more active, more healthy and to boost my serotonin, I want to be more in touch with my body and try yoga, but most of all I can’t wait to just do hours of treadmill with an e-book in my ears.
  • Read more non fiction and more audiobooks
    This goes a bit hand in hand with the gym one, I tend to feel extremely guilty when listening to audiobooks. I’m a multitasked and my attention span is not exactly on point, so just stopping and listening to a book that I could very well read makes me feel lazy and generally guilty! I want to listen to audio books tho, especially the rivers of London ones, I know it would do me a sea of good (?) in learning how to pronounce words I’ve only read so far and I do want to be able to hear the voices the authors thought suited more the characters in their books ( I know that Ben Aaronovitch thinks that Kobna Holdbrook-Smith is the perfect voice for Nightingale, for example)! So, yeah! For what regards non fiction I simply feel like I’m missing out and I do want to refine my tastes a tad bit more, young adult and romance are well and good, but realise that my blog will become monotone after a while!
  • Go to a therapist & be a better friend.
    I’m pretty open about my mental health, I also know it’s time for me to sort some of my problem out, I’ve learnt few years ago that venting helped me immensely, and I leaned on my friends for it, but I realise that this can’t keep going, it taints every relationship I form, my friends becomes also my psychologist and It’s not fair on them. I will obviously still open with them but I don’t want them to have to carry the burden of knowing my mental health depends on them, it’s not fair and I care about them too much for this to keep going. I’m also trying to be a better friends, and that has to start with asking the people around me how they are and to actively listening to them, I hadn’t realised I wasn’t doing it and now that I’ am actively paying attention on it I feel like I know them much better and, even if i didn’t thought it possible, love them even more.
  • Buy more clothes and change house.
    I tend to spend money on stupid things just because I really want them, I always end up reducing myself to very little clothes and a lot of them threadbare because I stop paying attention to it, so this year I want to take more care of myself, make up, clothes, and all that is needed! Also I really need to change house, maybe to something closer to work so not to spend so much time commuting anymore. During this year it has become slowly really  unbearable for me, I tried a lot of things and Uber became my best friend, but this needs to stop, change is needed, change will come soon.
  • Travel and go back to Prague
    Does this need an explanation?

So here you have it! My 2019 resolution!
What are yours?
Happy Blogmas!

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