BLOGMAS #23 — I listened to my first audiobook and I loved it!

As you know by now one of my resolutions for 2019 is to get into Audiobooks. My scepticism is high, and I tend to feel incredibly guilty listening to them, I do think they are a more than valid way to read a book! I just have this weird feeling every time I try!

When I went to the meet and greet with Been Aaronovitch last month I realised that his last novella was an Audible exclusive! He talked at length about the audiobooks and how perfect Kobna Holdbrook-Smith was for that Job and how whenever he wrote about nightingale he could hear Kobna’s voice for him. I was intrigued but, see, the thing with Audiobooks is that they make me awkward! I just keep on focusing on the different voices the reader makes and, sincerely every time I end up annoyed at the impossible high pitched screeching of every single feminine character and the buff take to the extremely masculine characters. Recognising each of them is difficult two because – at least in the one I’ve tried to listen so far –  the reader has only two sets of voices! So what made me change my mind? Well, I went to watch Mary Poppins the other day and in the credits I spotted Kobna’s name! Now I didn’t even know how this guy looked like, I hadn’t googled him and I kind of live under a rock ( I know, I even work in a theatre… * facepalm* ) In the credits it just said his name so for all I knew he could’ve been an ensemble member or a narrating voice! I decided to just enjoy my movie and go on.

When I left the theatre I had forgotten all about it and, while talking to a friend of mine I was praising actors and similar and I just went on about one peculiar character until my friend goes ” Ah, Kobna! You should know him! He performed your favourite series! ” I was… shocked!  I needed the audiobooks, yesterday! so I downloaded a rare book of cunning devices and I was sold. Kobna’s voice is perfect, flawless and entertaining! The peace is exactly the one I would’ve had while reading the books and The voices were so… refreshing! In the story, we only have three characters and I was happy to realise that Peter’s voice was perfect as well as surprised about Postmartin’s voice! Which I hadn’t exactly imagined at all but made so much sense! What did I do next? Well, I listened to the entire audiobook in one setting, it not being too long and then I gifted myself the entire series for Christmas! I can’t wait to fill my commute with them! Also, I now have something to bring with me for the new year when I’ll start going to the gym! I’m sure I will still find narrators that just gets on my nerves and don’t resonate with me at all, but for now I’m just happy knowing that I can enjoy also this type of reading and incorporate it with my reading routine, especially when lighting is not at its best so that I can avoid migraines!

All of you can Find the rivers of London audiobooks as well as ebooks and fisical editions on amazon!
Happy ( belated ) Blogmas!

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