Oh my! 25? Did I make it!? Yes, I know, It’s technically the 26 here and I only managed to do half of it Daily but I still finished it! I’m so proud of myself! Next year I’ll definitely organise better, some of these posts are not even spell checked! Ahahahah! But yeah… I feel so different from when I started? Back in October even if I was in my best shape posting and editing and taking pictures was a huge effort, I needed the right mindset, the right place, the right cup of tea, the right light and silence… now I think I could write one anywhere, I just need the physical time and not to be falling asleep on the keyboard!
In this month I realised that It’s ok to go around things and have setbacks, that doesn’t make you a failure! Hell, failing doesn’t make you a failure! I realised that I can make it, that writing can be part of my routine and I am creative enough to give you guys content! ( Not playlists, I’m boring as hell music-wise! ) I understood what held me back, what mind games my anxiety was playing, and I learnt how to fight them when not necessary and to listen to them when I realised they were the voice of my exhaustion! I learned that maybe I need to look after myself, that stopping and resting are ok, that posting four posts in one day is not the best idea, but that if I want to stick to something I can. I might get there late, but I’ll be there! I’m genuinely looking forward to next blogmas! But what I’m looking more forward to is sticking to an editorial calendar in 2019! I’m going to promise you guys one blog posts a week but I’ll try to blog twice a week, just because I don’t like to promise something big at the beginning of the year, not when my other resolutions are so big! But, yeah, I’ll manage an average of 2 posts, I’m sure!
For those who followed my journey through this blogmas, thank you! For those of you who just found my blog, welcome! And for everyone that will read this in the future, this is where books and curves really started.

oh, by the way! If you head to my blog you’ll find a 10L amazon voucher giveaway! See you friday!

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