2019 media resolutions.

Happy New year! Welcome to the first blog posts of 2019!

Lately I thought a lot about all the creative outlets that I have in my life; the way my Instagram and blog are structured and the limits I put on myself for no real reason. I guess sometimes I feel like I need structure and I find myself locked In patterns that after a while trap me and make me feel forced instead of relieved. When this happens I kind of need to evade, having no pattern at all in other aspects of my life, and that causes my mental health to dive down and me disappearing for long periods of times…

My Instagram and blog go hand in hand, they influence each other, they complement each other but, at the moment, they are complete opposites. My instagram is highly structured with a 1:1 ratio of book and lifestyle posts and my blog… well it has no chill.

posting one after the other in an alternate way is relieving because you know you’ll bring an exact 50/50 of content, but it’s also binding! For example, if I don’t actually have content in one or the other category I’m suddenly stuck and I end up not posting until I do! On the other hand, my blog has no structure whatsoever, without a calendar of sorts, fixed columns or anything similar! My aim for 2019 is to mix things up! Loosening up on Instagram and getting a bit of structure on my blog!

What does it entail? 

For Instagram, it means that I’m just going to post whatever I feel like! It’s probably still going to be a 50/50 mix of lifestyle and books but I would like to find enough self-esteem and courage to bring you guys also some plus size fashion shots, or anything with more of me in the picture! I’m Just going to allow myself the flexibility to experiment and play with colours and content, to use pictures in the exact moment I fall in love with them and to find a sort of new theme by trial and error. You will note that my feed will get a bit more messy, colour wise at least, I’ll find my way again, I just have to live it to feel it!  Also, I’m going to post every single day, if I end up missing a day you’ll just get more pictures the next, but I’ll try to be good! I just really hope that this lack of a fixed structure is not just going to make me too lazy for my own good as well as don’t make me fall back into the 1:1 pattern ( as I already kind of am).

What about the blog?

Well for booksandcurves.com is going to be a big year – I hope! I’ve got plans and I’m going to self-host my blog on WordPress as soon as my current subscription runs out so that I will be able to show you the face of this blog as I dream it! At the same time I know I need more stability in order to grow this space and bring it to its full potential! So I’m going to promise a blog post a week, as I’m of the school of setting your goals low and going from there, and then I’m going to push myself and try to post two or maybe three times a week, but I make no promises! I still have no real idea of when exactly my ” posting day” will be, I think the easier way for me would be to try to see which day is the best! Also, I’m going to try and continue to write blog posts daily as I did on blogmas, even if I’m not posting so to try and be ahead to my actual published posts and bring you content even if I’m busy with work and real (?) life. I’m about to start back on my normal working pattern so I should be able to carve myself a sort of routine involving blog writing as well as every other aspect of my life.

Yeah, so, 2019 will be the year when I’ll actually continue and bring my media to their true potential, a journey that I started in the last months of 2019 but that I’m super excited to bring forward in the months to come!

Also! I would like to thank each and every one of you that followed me on Instagram or here on the blog! I recently hit 1k on instagram and 40 followers on the blog, I seriously love you all!


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