Why – as single – I’m thankful to my coupled friends, and so should you!

Hi, I’m Jess and all my friends are in happy, healthy and committed relationships.
I can’t even say it sucks because it doesn’t! I’m grateful for the people that they are with and for the happiness they share, for the example they set and the position they have in my life. 

I’m a Libra, settle is naturally my second name. My friends are the ones to thank when it comes to the high standards that I now have and their ability to remain strong in place. But it’s not only that, no. I have to thank them for never making me feel like the fifth one out, for appreciating me for me – as a person – and not as the half of something that it’s not there. They don’t see fault in my singletude, they see a bright person that is part of their life ( I hope).
It’s also to say that it’s thanks to the total absence of ” we need to find you someone”  and ” when you’ll have what we have you’ll understand” That I have the confidence and the absolute strength to love me first. It’s thanks to people like my friends that I don’t put my self worth in other people: if there is no one there to romance me, I’m still valid and still fabulous.
Sure, it’s also their absolute fault that I do crave a partner and that – after everything –  I still believe in love! But it’s a healthy crave, one that speaks of want and not need, of companionship and laughter; and of liking them for who they are and how they slot right in with me. It’s thanks to them that I don’t try to change, to bend and do the same to the first bastard that likes me back. You can’t complete a puzzle just pushing pieces together because you want them to go where they don’t belong. 


So, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for Silvia and Julia that are goofy and loving. For Alice and Josh that are surprising and understanding, and I’m thankful for every other coupled friend I have because, without you, my life would probably be both hopeless and miserable: I fall too easily and too quickly. I give my all in the hope that someone out there will reach back with the same amount, for that lucky shot. And I might be a hopeless romantic, but thanks to their example and support I know when to walk away, when what it’s happening doesn’t resemble what I want or deserve. My friends collect the pieces, they never judge but always uplift and comfort me. They just want me to be happy. With myself and/or with someone else, and thanks to them I feel like it’s ok for me to want it too.

Yeah, thank you again coupled friends, for our standards; to give us single something to aim to ( if we feel like it), to let us remember that we deserve a honeymoon period, a text a day, flowers just because, respect, punctuality and reciprocations; tiny notes, sleepy calls and a lot of laughter. We deserve better, and we will have better. Sooner or later.

Finally, fellow singles, keep on looking, never settle! At least not for someone that makes you feel anything less than your own better self. And if your coupled friends show you red flags, trust them and run for the hills, You are the one that matter and you won’t be alone, they’ll be there for you, to pick up the pieces.


Happy valentine & galentine day guys!!!
I’m trying a new theme on IG this week,
come and tell me what you think, will you?

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4 thoughts on “Why – as single – I’m thankful to my coupled friends, and so should you!

  1. Beautiful post,
    Jess! Such a positive and thoughtful way of looking at it. Most people get depressed and feel the need to commit themselves into any relationship to be “part of it”. You are doing it just right 🙏🏻


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