How I felt in love with Romance again, and happy book day!

Hi! How are you? Happy book day! I almost forgot the date, can you believe it?!

Let’s just say life is a bit hectic lately, between anxiety, insomnia, Brexit and everyday life! I feel like I never really get a second to breathe! I’m ok tho, I have plenty to look forward to!
Also, an upside of this stressful period is the amount of books I’m reading!
Books have always been the best cure for my anxiety. Call it avoidance, but when I dive into a book I get to forget my own life and live the one of someone else, it’s pretty miraculous if you ask me!

 last year when I hit 30 books, it was around october and having to lower my Goal 50 seemed like the only way to win that damned Goodreads challenge.  This year I’m at quota 29 books and It’s barely the beginning of march! Am I proud of myself? Yes, but not for the reason you might think!

Let’s just say that a book Is a book, you are not better because you read classics instead of young adults or whatever, and certainly it’s not a race and quality over quantity always and foremost! But I’m an extremely fast reader and I know that the amount of books I manage to read in a short period of time is a mirror to the level of enjoyment I get from reading. When I went back to Bookstagram – but If I’m truthful a couple of year before that too! I fell, without noticing, in a bit of a trap. I was blinded and fell in love with pretty covers and popularity and I kept on diving into books that weren’t really my cup of tea even if they were wildly loved. Some of those turned well, don’t get me wrong, but others would pan into me being into a slump all over again.

If there is something this valentine’s day has taught me is loving a bit of your own book for your own sake. I’m a romantic, I love romantic books and I’m not ashamed of it, not anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of diversity, but romance will always be the biggest drive that brings me to devour a book, cheesy? Hell yeah! I had already released last year that my reviews mainly consisted in romance books, but I never really thought on why I was avoiding diving full-on on romance. We talk a lot about the stigma around YA but hardly ever about the one around Romance books!  Well, the stigma is there, and it’s mainly due to books like 50sog! Romance is often associated with pornography and, even if some ( maybe the majority) of books can be considered steamy, there is a big difference between erotica and porn!

What I’m trying to say is… nothing! I love romantic books and I can not lie! And my blog will reflect that even more now that I kind of realised I was shying myself away from a genre that I so thoughtfully enjoy!

Be aware tho, I’m picky, hella picky! See you on the next review!
And happy book day!

4 thoughts on “How I felt in love with Romance again, and happy book day!

  1. You are so right! Why deny what we love? I’m a fan of many genres, too, but I also have a soft spot for romances. So much so, my own novel that I’m writing is turning into a romance.
    Oh well! Great post!


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