Monday Hues

Hi booksters! Today I found myself having to roll out of bed first thing in the Morning to go to work and while doing that I realised something new. I don’t hate Mondays anymore.

Now, It might be because I usually don’t work until 6 pm on a Monday and so I see those days as a “ half off ”  since I only have Sundays as my weekend. But Even today where I couldn’t lounge in bed and do my things, I found myself rather enjoying this previously dreaded day! So I thought, why don’t I bring an old thread of mine out of the B&C archives and try once again to celebrate one day a week just because? It says it takes 3 weeks to form an habit so let’s see if I can stick to this one! Ideally this Monday posts would be a chat between me and you, showing you what I did during the weekend or what I loved recently, books and non, my current obsessions, my gratitudes, shout outs and so on. In fewer words: whatever It’s relevant to me that previous week as well as what I’m looking forward to. I hope it’ll help me visualise my goals and aspiration and, in general, to have a bit more focus. So let’s dive in.



Saying thanks.

This week I find myself in need to say thank you, I am so thankful for my friends, which are fews (but growing) and so Important to my mental health ( as an unaware net of support and honestly general source of joy) I’m so grateful for the things that I can and I am allowed to do, for being able to have people and be in places where, at days, the only obstacle to being me it’s… well, me!
I’m grateful for the prospect of change too, I just need to take that scary step and tidy up my messy life a bit and, who knows, maybe after a time of even more messiness my life will finally be tidy enough to please Marie Kondo ( only with way more books for her comfort)


Follow what you love.

One of my New year resolutions and, frankly, the only one I end up actually following was to only read books I knew I would love. I did fall back a couple of times, saying yes to books I knew they weren’t my cup of tea because I felt the FOMO. Generally, I don’t not regret it. It helped me get away from my comfort zone and broaden my horizon, but I like being specific. I like the idea of you guys relying on Books and Curves for slow burn romance and procedurals with the occasional splash of YA and magic! ( I have a magical realism historical fiction book review coming up that will blow your mind. The books are blowing mine. ) So, yeah! Experimenting is good, but what it’s also good  is to know what you like and stick to it, it makes it all more pleasurable!


Pick up Limes.

I’m obsessed. I found pick up limes on you tube a while ago and I just can’t stop! I view every single video of hers. I tried her recipes, I printed printables, meditated to Sadia’ s calming voice talking about mindfulness and, honestly? I think She and her team are the force behind this springs of clean, minimalist, healthy living that I’m feeling at the moment! Everything Sadia does is so good and practical, it’s a judge free zone. I never EVER found a healthy food blogger or vlogger that I could follow where I would not end up feeling guilty and awful about myself! Like there was something wrong with me to change! Sadia makes you feel ok with yourself, and preaches an all around mentally, physically and dietary well being that comes from slow and gradual little changes, and where everything is done with flavour and impeccable aesthetic taste! And sure, the Pick up Limes recipes are plant based, but do you really care if they are delicious and give you the same intake of all the good things that you need in your body? I have cut down on so much meat thanks to her recipes and, even if I Italian-bend lots of them, I haven’t tried one that I did not like. ( those hummus, avocado, rocket etc panini are the bomb btw! )


Cut yourself some slack.

What do they say? You are your toughest judge? I’m not sure if I’m the toughest (I think my mother hold that spot) but I’m pretty judgy of myself. I tend to overwork and when I am too tired to even function I find myself in a work – bed routine that, let’s face it, just makes me pretty unhappy.  However, I am slowly starting to accept the need for inspiration and artistic expression in my life. I do still feel selfish any time I spend money on the blog or I cut myself few hours to write or take photos, but I also know that that’s my way of recharging my batteries! Writing has always been my portable power bank and for the longest time I had forgotten the pleasure of it. Going back to it last year helped me heal so much and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Now onto some favourites.

  1. My ello cup, I swear by it. It’s super pretty, vacuum sealed and Keeps my tea worm for the entire day. Mind blowing right?
  2. My New instagram Highlights, I’ve decided to cure them more in order to keep up with the new ideas I have for the blog and I’m loving the new little videos that now live in it.
  3. ASOS, because a plus size girl can go on holiday with a decent wardrobe thanks to you. ( HIRE ME PLS)
  4. Those little orange and chocolate vegan bites at whole food that are so expensive but yet so delicious… my mouth is watering *_*
  5. You guys that somehow read me and I still find it mind blowing. Thank you.


Well, I guess I’m going to talk to you next Monday then! Feel free to comment with your Monday highlights and I hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

Kisses as big as my bum. Jess x

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