BLOGMAS #8 · Why I tend to prefer ebooks to the physical ones

Hello! After this morning Trumpist troll controversy on the comment section of Blogmas #5 I toyed with the idea of giving myself a day and not actually post, but then again, why give up now?  So let’s bring on the controversy and host the ultimate showdown between different book formats!

E- or audio-books? Hard- or paper-back? Let’s find out.

As a disclaimer, I’d like to say that a book is a book, no matter the way you use to read it. If you only listen to audible, you read that book, it’s ok, culture is culture, whatever the mean! If it allows you to get lost into it, then it’s fine! I get where the people not being able to read on tablets come from, I get where the people not capable of listening to audiobooks, not finding practicable a hardback or preferring a Kindle can come from, we are all different and, as we all like different books we all also can like different way of reading them!

Personally, I find that I work best with a digital copy. I am not the type of person that cuts out a specific time of the day to read or that has a specific place where to do so, I aim to be that person but for now, I’m just not as good at adulting as I’d like to be! So digital copies allows me to pick up where I’ve left in seconds and in any device I can possibly think of, I can start on my iPad at home, pick up my kindle on the tube and finish up on my phone once arrived, It’s immediate and quick and I simply love it. Yes, a kindle paperwhite would probably allow me to be able to just use one device but it’s the fluidity and the possibilities that I actually love! If I have to choose a physical copy – be it because I love the cover or I need it for pictures or I want it signed or the ebook was too expensive for my tastes – then I’ll probably go for a paperback unless that’s not an option. Paperbacks are smaller, I can carry them with me without having my backpack weighing tons and I can just twist them and mould them as I please without breaking their spine. Their artwork is pretty and I just love them. Also, they stack extremely neatly things that get quite lost with hardbacks. Don’t get me wrong, if I had a proper library, one of that proper old one I’d love to collect hardbacks, but since my books are currently stacking on my fireplace and that I’m aspiring to a white wood IKEA bookshelf that’s not going to be the case anytime soon.
What about audiobooks? Well, witches ( can I still call you witches even if it’s Christmas?) Audiobooks are that thing I wish I’d love but I can’t seem to get into. To be fair I haven’t properly tried. I’m sure that, if I were to, they would be amazingly useful especially on my commute work/home but I’m also a multitasker and I worry that I simply wouldn’t be able to pay attention to the book after a while… There is to say that one of my 2019 resolutions is to proper try, also because my eyesight is getting worst and worst and audiobooks would save me a few migraines…

That’s all from me for today Folks! I’m starting to proper like posting once a day, the act of sitting down and just write is so refreshing! I had forgotten how good it felt!
Talk to you tomorrow! Happy blogmas!

2 thoughts on “BLOGMAS #8 · Why I tend to prefer ebooks to the physical ones

  1. “As a disclaimer, I’d like to say that a book is a book, no matter the way you use to read it. ”
    agree a million percent!!!

    it’s neat to read your thoughts on e-books, as I’m the opposite. you’re right tho – a phone, e-reader, tablet is super convenient. and it does feel like magic when i hit the button on Amazon, and literally 5 seconds later the book is on my kindle app on my phone. all that convenience, and i have no idea why i’m in love with print books, but i am.


    • Print books are pure magic, if I could have a fixed routine that gives me a fixed point of the day to read in a place with a good light i’d probably mainly use printed books, The problem is that I always end up reading in the dark or on the go or at work in my break and I can’t have a proper book on me at all time, ugh! I’m so against people that shame audiobooks reader just because they listen to books! A book is a book! * shrugs*
      ( PS: I’ve got an idea! The smell, the feeling, the absolute absence of distraction… there is a lot of perks! )


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