A while ago I went on Instagram and asked if you guys would’ve liked to read about my favourite theatre shows, I then spent six days trying to write it, it made me uneasy, I felt like I was checking every word, weighing it and, to be fair, it throws me in a bit of a slump. I realised I can’t do it. Working in a theatre made me understand how deeply I’m not qualified to talk about theatre! Yes, sure, I can still voice my personal preferences and sit here complementing myself about it but it would probably not resonate with anybody else! They would be biased, based on the utmost respect and awe that I feel for every part that moves a good musical or play! I don’t think I can just sit down and just appreciate a performance anymore, I need to fall in love with the plot as well as the acting, the music, the lighting, the set design, the timing of the stage management, the animations, the sounds and the feeling that the front of house team leave with me. Most of these things I know how to appreciate but I have no way of putting it down in words, let alone explain them to you in the shortness of a blog post!

So, since Christmas is coming and I’ve wasted enough time, I think I’m going to bench the idea and give you some other favourites of mine! How about movies? Yeah, let’s do it!

  • Notting Hill.

I was soooo late on this bandwagon, I managed to watch this movie only a year ago for the first time but I sure made up for it! For four months straight I’ve watched this movie at least once a day! When I was not watching I was blasting the soundtrack, I was properly obsessed! It has now a very special place in my heart and I can’t say no to a re-watch of this movie!

  • Pride and Prejudice.

I blame Mr Darcy for my unrealistic expectations in men. This movie is a classic, and this note is more for a “genre” than a single movie! Give me almost anything inspired to Pride and Prejudice and there is a good chance I’ll binge watch it, no matter how bad it is. ( i draw a line at pride prejudice and zombie tho. ) I think I’ve seen the movie and the BBC adaptation more times that I’d like to admit, I’m absolutely smitten and I need me a Mr Darcy ( I’ll make do with Bingley too, to be honest!)

  • The Guernsey Literary and potato peel pie society.

There is no other way to describe this movie and the book that inspired it if not as ” an ode to reading”. What I love about this movie is that it absolutely feels necessary! It’s a companion to the book, not a representation! It feels like the movie shows what happens in real life and the book represents the correspondence that the character takes within each other! Obviously, not everything is the same, but it’s not always bad! I personally found myself liking the ending of the movie more than the one in the book!

  • Mamma mia.

So, this is the other party I was late to ( it happens a lot), but once I watched it I could not let it go and I had to re-watch it till I gave myself a migraine. It’s simply so good, and entertaining and do we want to talk about that cast!? I have a fair amount of conflicting thoughts on the second movie but, for now, I’ll just keep on focusing on the first one.

  • Scott Pilgrim vs the world

What’s there to say? Did I use to have a massive crush on Ramona? Sure, who didn’t? That movie is everything! It’s sassy, highly bisexual, hilarious, entertaining, and a bomb! There is nothing I don’t love about it, no moment I don’t laugh my ass off! It’s so uplifting and amazing!

  • I left the best for last, my absolute favourite movie that I keep for proper perfect occasions, I rarely watch it and I enjoy it every single time! It’s the only movie that I’ve seen in every language I know but Italian, is the one that thought me that Failure is nothing more than a simple part of life, failure should be embraced and celebrated, and that is ok being ourselves, exactly as we are. Elizabeth town will forever be The One for me. I know the critics didn’t exactly love it, but for me, it was simply… perfect! I rarely talk about it I rarely share it with the people around me; it’s so special to me, so precious and I feel super possessive about it, it’s stupid, but it just means so much…
That’s it, this is all, Have fun! Happy Blogmas!

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