BLOGMAS #17 — MY Christmas gifts to myself.

Solstice is Just gone and Christmas is right around the corner, I can’t wait! I bought myself a few gifts that I’m so looking forward to using and others that I’ve already started to! What? You want to know what I got? Well, you Just had to ask!

  • The Eco Dot from Amazon was my biggest Christmas gift, I managed to get my hands on it in the Black Friday sales and I was expecting it for the last day of the year, but a couple of days ago it showed up at my door and INJEDFIVKCX! ( I know, again, I should open a blog, I’m that eloquent) I swear I only checked that it was working before putting it back into the box and perch it on top of the book stack, waiting to open it at Christmas!
  • Today I found a Yankee candle shop at the O2, now I have a proper fixation for Yankee candles, Gift me one and I’ll love you forever! But I’m also the least decisive person in this world so, after having perused the shop for an hour and smelled every single handle I opted for the advent calendars they had on sale, 23 tea light seemed like a good bargain to me! So I can just open them all together on Christmas Day and Enjoy them on the new year!
  • I gifted myself some presets from Etsy, I spent more than I like to admit on them but I love them so much! My old one started to get on my nerves and My creativity was taking the toll, I found that a new way of editing will always make me look forward to going out and about! Taking pictures, finding new styles and so on are always more exciting! On the same line I also found some props on the sale part of Tiger, I’m now the proud owner of a ceramic tray, a little plate, two baubles and a candy cane shaped pencil! Exciting, right?!
  •  I bought myself a warm and fluffy water bottle, so I can bring it at work Or just lay down with it, I tend to get muscle aches at my shoulders and My hands are constantly cold even when the rest of my body isn’t, so when I saw that fluffy cat face at the discounted section at New look I couldn’t help myself ( what can I say? I’m the bargain queen!
  • Last but not least Starbucks had also some discounted mugs, so I bought two with a mermaid pattern, why two? Simply I couldn’t decide between light and dark!

I’m also on the look for a new keyboard, mainly something that can be attached to my IPad, this is amazing, but it lays flat, giving me some discomfort in writing on it… for now, no joy!

That’s all!
What did you gift yourself for Christmas?

Happy Blogmas!

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